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Turning Interest into Action

NAPDA’s founding members were prominent businesspeople, politicians, and pioneers who trekked to the area as early as 1849. Established as a social club for pioneers away from home and family, our original mission statement read; 

"The preservation of the early history of the settlement and the social and friendly relations of the pioneers of the district."

NAPDA has been an active member of the Edmonton community for nearly 130 years, including K-days, Exhibitions, Parades, and Galas for any occasion. Now, our members are Edmontonian more than Pioneer- and our organization must reflect that to serve the community for the next 130 years. Our 2024 proposed updated mission statement reads;

"The preservation of the early history of this area and social and friendly relations of its people"

Pillars of Change

Meet Our Team

Mike Alexander

Executive Director


Board Chair

Lisa Jodoin

Events Manager

Mike joined NAPDA in 2023. His background in business, project management, and the non-profit industry is an ideal blend of skills to

re-define NAPDA and grow its membership.


Mike is passionate about equity and creating a world class venue for bringing the citizens of our district together. 

Garrett has been a board member for several years, and our Chair since 2022.


Garrett has been instrumental in the hiring of the new Executive Director, and implementing the boards priority of meaningful progression in Truth and Reconciliation. 


Garrett also brings much appreciated IT know how to our organization. 

If you're looking for event information or to book the facility, Lisa is your person!


With many years of experience as a restaurateur and events manager at other historic venues, Lisa is a terrific fit and will ensure your event is all it can be.

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