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Northern Alberta Pioneers and Descendants Association

We're transforming, and you can join us!

NAPDA has, and continues to undergo immense changes. Our non-profit community programing is coming back! Our programming and events pages are dedicated to community connection and boosting other non-profits.

We are committed to progressing Truth and Reconciliation while expanding our archives and data to portray a wholistic view of history.  We owe the survival of many pioneers to early cooperative relationships.  We owe the downfall of those relationships to unfair treatment, unjust governance, and uncapped greed. It is past due that we acknowledge and reflect that in our daily lives. 


NAPDA is for everyone. Help us reach our goals of strengthening our community while creating meaningful progression in Truth and Reconciliation. Please see our membership page for more details of NAPDA's coming changes, and membership benefits.

"The preservation of the early history of this area and social and friendly relations of its people."


Upcoming Events

No events at the moment
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